Weekend shenanigans

1 Aug

Another beautiful weekend in Chicago!  A bit warm, with temperatures in the low 90s, but definitely gorgeous out.  Now that the humidity is gone, its much more tolerable. 

My super nice boss let me go home a bit early on Friday, which meant I got home by 3:30pm, and had an hour to sit out and relax in the sun on our back deck.  Ahhhhh!  Heaven!   Michael got home from work and we decided to whip up an easy and health chicken stiry fry.  Organic, free-range chicken, yellow peppers, broccoli, and brown rice with sweet chili sauce.  Delish!

I even had a couple Skinny Girl Margaritas to top it off.  They are so tasty!  And not too much of a calorie waster to boot! Only 100 calories for a full 4 oz. serving, all natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors, lightly sweetened with agave nectar and made with premium Blue Agave clear Tequila


Michael and I started out our Saturday with a trip to the Lincoln Park Farmers Market. 

Soooooo many beautiful flowers, fruits, veggies, crepes, cheese, meat.  YUM!  We decided to stick with some fresh veggies on this trip: green pepper, zucchini, cucumber, broccoli, and green beans.  I haven’t been a fan of the green bean, but I’m willing to give ’em a shot.  I’ve heard fresh veggies are way better than canned, and I’m hoping to do away with my mushy, over-cooked, smelly green bean thoughts in my head from my elementary cafeteria school days.  They already look much better than I could hope!

We headed to Bakin’ & Eggs for brunch, and got to use our Groupon. 

I LOVE Groupons, btw.  So fun to try out new places for usually half the price, and in this case, go back to a place I love.  It’s a large open room, with brick walls, and lots of tables, with a close feel between them.  Hopefully you like your neighbor you end up sitting next to!  It doesn’t hurt that this place has turqoise walls and a super fun vibe.  Adorable! 

I opted for the Whole Grain Granola Pancakes with berry compote.  So healthy of me, right?? 😉 

Michael worked on “broadening his horizons” (insert BIIIIIG wide arm gesture) and ordered the breakfast burritto, which included jalapeno bacon in it (!) and a side of cheesey grits.  He definitely liked it, but it might have been a bit too savory for him.  He’s gonna try the sweet breakfast next time.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the burbs to spend the evening with Michael’s dad and stepmom.  They took us to a great spot in Geneva, Bien Trucha, an extremely popular Mexican restaurant due to its exposure on Check Please!  The restaurant opens at 5pm for dinner, but people start lining up around 4:15 to wait in line to get a table!  This is in little ol’ Geneva, mind you.  It was a steamy 92 degrees or so, and we got in line around 4:40, with about 30 people in front of us.  The restaurant only has 13 tables inside, and a long bar with seating.  They also had an outdoor patio with tables for dinner.  We waited in line, and got to our seats around 5:20.  Lucky us, we got to sit outside!  They had a long communal high-top table for us, which was fun.  They even had lively Mexican techno/dance type music playing! 🙂  I caught one of my faves, “Pump Up the Jam” by Technotronic, but the Spanish version! Ummm,what!?!  Yes please! Loved it!  We had fresh guacamole, which I’m always a sucker for.  We had the morita, serrano, habanero salsa sampler, which had varying levels of HOTness.  I really liked the serrano flavor.  We also tried their special of the day shrimp ceviche with strawberries, cucumbers, cilantro, and jalapeno peppers.  The strawberries gave it a great sweetness with the hot spices and cucumbers.  The tacos were the main event for us, and we decided to order four different types, since the’re kind of small and come 4 to an order.  They’re served on a wooden plank ,which is fun.  We tried shark, breaded tilapia, pork, and chicken.  The shark taco was by FAR the best of the bunch in my opinion.  So tasty! I only caught a picture of one lonely shark taco, since everything was so delicious, we scooped it all up right away to devour!

 I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in the Geneva area.

We finished off the evening at Old Towne Pub & Eatery.  Michael got his free XRT swag fix, with a t-shirt and matching sweatband.  What, headbands aren’t cool??  I think they are.  Especially when it’s on that lovely head of his.  Aren’t we cute?? 🙂

What a delicious day we had Saturday! 🙂


2 Responses to “Weekend shenanigans”

  1. Kaelie Connolly August 4, 2011 at 12:15 am #

    How were your farmers market green beans? Did you enjoy them?

  2. Carisa @HappyHealthyEating August 29, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    Yes, I most certainly did enjoy the green beans! They were delish!! 🙂

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