Mr. and Mrs.

6 Oct

Today was the first time someone said, “soon to be Mrs” to me, and it really hit home.  When I get MARRIED next year, I will no longer be Ms. or Miss…I’ll be Mrs.  I’ll be somebody’s Mrs.  I will have a husband.  I will be a wife.  Of course I knew this already, but it’s just a funny thing.  It’s a big transition to go from spending 31 years of your life as a single woman, known as Miss or Ms., to a Mrs.  Is it weird that I am even thinking about this??  Does being a Mrs. make me sound old?  Why aren’t there different versions of single and married for Mr??   I’m super excited to be my sweetie’s wife.  It’s just funny.  I’m gonna be a Mrs.! Woohooooo!

As for other things…

I think I’m going to share my thoughts and feelings about planning a wedding and the whole wedding process on this blog, along with all the recipes, cooking, working out, and all that other jazz.  I’m not planning on taking over the blog with wedding craziness and obsessing over stuff, just sharing things here and there. 

Planning a wedding changes your life.  From the day you get engaged, all the way up to the day of your wedding.  You need to think about the dress, the location,  bridesmaids/groomsmen, music, food, photographer, cake, flowers, tents, decorations, guests, family, time of year, other scheduling conflicts/commitments, personal values, family values, vows, honeymoon, budgets…the list goes on and on.  You can let it consume your daily life by searching the unending supply of wedding blogs, Pinterest, wedding magazines, books and so on.  Yowsa.  There’s a ton out there to look at.  Along with thinking of all these things together as a couple, other peoples’ opinions get thrown into the mix.  A LOT. 

 A couple needs to have a clear vision of what they want for their wedding, but still be open to opinions and suggestions from family and friends.  This clear vision is necessary to keep your own sanity and happiness throughout it all.  The whole thing, this whoooooole big commotion,  is to celebrate love and sharing our lives together with everyone we love and care about.  That’s a fact, Jack.  We want our wedding to be fun, casual, light-hearted…full of laughter, good food, good music, lots of dancing… and love.  That’s what matters to us.  Plain and simple.  Cute stuff to add on is just a bonus for us. 🙂 

Do you notice a theme here? 


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