pureMUSCLE aka “jello arms”

1 Feb

Back to the gym this morning for one of my favorite classes, pureMUSCLE.  Love it! It’s taught by the same instructor who does ABSolute Strength.  She’s so positive and helpful, great fast music.  Gotta love the positivity at 6am, considering I hauled my butt outta bed before 5am, to get to the gym in the suburbs by my office on time.  Ohhhh, the discipline, right?? ha!


Enjoy this muscular workout that will tighten and tone for a lean body. This resistance class uses barbells and hand weights and is a great counterbalance to all other muscle conditioning classes and is perfect for all levels

 But HOLY cow!  That’s some intense arm work!! Today, we only used hand weights, but we’ve used the body bar in previous classes.  I think we did at least 8 sets each of shoulders, biceps, triceps, laterals, and then got right into lunges, then finished up with ab work.  By the way, doing squats with your legs far out to the sides, toes pointed out, while raising off your heels=purePAIN.  Maybe that’s what the class should be called instead of pureMUSCLE??  But then again, I probably wouldn’t have taken it if that was the case.  Good call on that one smarties.

Since this is the year of Halle Berry thighs, I’m thinking it should also be the year of Michelle Obama arms??  What do you think? Yes? Do you have other suggestions for a better arm role model?


 All I have to say, is that as long as you keep those dang pictures of scary Madonna arms away from my line of vision, I think I’ll live a much happier life.  Ugh!  Seriously?? What is her deal?!? And who told her that was a good look to go for?

So, I’m loving my classes and can defiitely feel myself getting stronger and stronger every day. Just pretty please…do not ask me to reach for something on the top shelf of the cupboard for you today? Mmmmkay?? Thanks! 😉


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