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Love & Marriage…Love & Marriage…

8 Jun

With our wedding day quickly approaching (50 days!), all the little details seem to be overflowing my brain.  Chairs, decorations, transportation, hotels…there’s a lot of stuff to do for a wedding! 

When I find myself thinking too much about what flowers to use, how in the world we’ll blow up our balloons when there’s a helium shortage (for reals, there’s such a thing going on, people!!), or how many cute little raffia fans to buy for the hot weather, I take a few moments and pause.  I start to think about how many people keep telling us how excited they are for our big day.  The people who are making the effort to go a VERY long way up to our wedding location, take time off of work, and really really want to be a part of our wedding.  I get teary-eyed even thinking of how much love will be flowing in the days leading up to, and at the day of our wedding.  My bridal shower last weekend was evidence of the beautiful emotions people shared with one another, and with my wonderful fiance.  Tears will flow during our wedding weekend as they did at the shower, and they will be tears of pure joy and complete happiness.  Happiness for finding the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.  Happiness for sharing our wedding with the people we love.  Happiness for our loved ones showing how much THEY love us together.  Happiness for all the fun we will have celebrating our marriage.  We are SO looking forward to our families and friends all joining together to form a great big super family!   

I also take a step back from the planning, and think about the wonderful man I am going to marry.  He makes me smile, makes me laugh (while teasing me about my silly sounding giggle),  dances with me, cooks with me, takes care of me,  holds me when I need to be held.  When babysitting recently, I was with the baby upstairs in his room.  The door was closed, and I thought we were just two kids hangin’ out playing with our Playskool Barn.  Me telling him what a great job he was doing stacking his blocks, and then eventually humming and singing to put him in the sleepy time zone.  I came downstairs an hour after heading up, to find my fiance in the living room.  He gave me a hug and said, “I could hear you on the monitor the whole time you were up there…you’re going to make a great mom some day.”  **insert warm fuzzy feelings** That man of mine is a real keeper.

This is some of what love and marriage is made of