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Mmmmm! Pizza! Pizza!

24 Feb

Do you order from the same pizza place every weekend?   Maybe you’re lazy or bored or just can’t figure out what to have for dinner.  Do you order that giant pizza for just you and another person, and find yourself eating too much of it…just because it’s there?  Maybe you wonder how that one item you ordered costs so much, for so little ingredients.  Or you might wonder why you bought that bland frozen pizza that seemed to have all those fake ingredients on it. 

My fiance and I have found the solution to this…

We MAKE our own pizza!  YUMMMMM!

It’s super easy to  make your own pizza at home.  Pick out your favorite ingredients and pizza dough, and you’re good to go!  The fun part (well, there are many fun parts, but I’ll get to that) about making your own pizza at home, are the seemingly unlimited choices about what to make your pizza with! 

  1. You can make your own dough from scratch, pick up pre-made dough (Trader Joe’s has a yummy one), or even buy a Boboli pie crust.  An additional option, is gluten-free pizza dough.  There are so many great gluten-free foods available now, and pizza dough is one of them!
  2. Depending on your mood, you can use pizza sauce, pesto sauce, olive oil, or even a white sauce for your base. 
  3. Now the toppings…that’s where this stuff gets good!  Soooooo many options!  Peppers, onions, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, pepperoni, sausage, pineapple, chicken…and tons more!   We love using the lighter versions sometimes, like turkey pepperoni and turkey/chicken sausage.
  4. It’s so great to be able to choose fresh mozzarella, provolone, parmesan.  Maybe you wanna get fancy with it and go with asiago, fontina, gorgonzola, ricotta! One more option is a dairy-free cheese like Daiya.  Pizza may not be an option for many lactose intolerant people ordering out, but with dairy-free cheese, you can make your own at home!

There are so many perks of making your own pizza at home.  One of our favorite things about pizza night at our house, is the assembly of the pizza itself.  We get to work together step by step on creating the pizza, deciding which toppings to use and how much to put on.  We have fun creating new ideas for pizzas all the time.  One of our favorites so far, is to buy a rotisserie chicken, shred the chicken and cover the dough, add Frank’s Red Hot sauce all over the pizza, and top with fresh mozarella.  MMMM!  MMMM!  Delish!  Another tasty fave is our chicken fajita pizza.  We prepare chicken and peppers like we would for a regular chicken fajita dinner, but then put all the ingredients on top of our pizza dough, and cover in cheese.  Oh my gosh!  That one is super good!  Pizza time at home is a super easy meal, and is a wonderful way to get the kids involved in cooking too!

We’ve decided, our favorite thing of all, is the quality time we spend making our pizzas together, and then enjoying the delicious meal we made.  I might say it a lot, but I really do believe, that the food you make at home with love and care while with your loved ones will ALWAYS taste better than the food you order in a restaurant.  It means so much more.  It’s almost like you can taste that LOVE in the pizza!


Door To Door Organics

10 Aug

Michael and I found ourselves with a Groupon about to expire for Door to Door Organics this past weekend, and jumped right on the computer to place our order.  We had previously ordered from DTDO, but weren’t entirely impressed.  Let’s turn the clock back a few months and think about this…it was late in April, we weren’t cooking new recipes too often, the selection was a bit limited, and to be 100% honest I was a little lazy.  Hey, that’s what happens when you leave home at 7am, get home at around 7pm, still want to  run a few errands, maybe fit in a quick workout and catch a bad reality show or maybe Modern Family.  Dinners get simple, easy, and uninventive. It happens.

So cut to yesterday.  Our new order of a “Bitty Mixed Produce Box” arrives on our doorstep.  I think it’s adorable that they use “bitty” as part of the name of their different selections of boxes you can order: Bitty Mixed, Bitty Local Farm Box.  They also have small and medium sizes, but for just the two of us, the Bitty Mixed Produce Box works just fine and dandy.  One of the things I like about DTDO, is they allow you to sub out up to FIVE selections in your box!  That’s great!  We weren’t entirely sure what we’d want to do with chard and red leaf lettuce, so we switched those out.  Our box consisted of:

  • local white sweet corn-2 ears
  • local zucchini squash-1
  • cucumber-1
  • yellow peaches-2
  • red seedless grapes-1 lb.
  • mango-1
  • Bartlett pears-2
  • red potatoes-8
  • Dapple Dandy Pluot- 5

What the heck are Dapple Dandy Pluots??? We didn’t know when we ordered them, but we thought we’d give ’em a try.  They’re a hybrid of plums and apricots 🙂

I was quite impressed with our order this week and already thinking of all the delicious recipes we could make with our new found goodies!  I think grilled corn and potatoes, and even grilled peaches for dessert are in our near future. 🙂  The grapes and  pluot already made into my lunch bag for today!

Door to Door Organics is a really great service.  They deliver right to your doorstep (or inside your entryway) every week or bi-weekly.  They even offer a discount if 4 or more orders are delivered to one location.  You can even put your order on hold if  decide to take some time away from ordering or even if you go on vacation.  They re-use the cardboard box and ice packs for future deliveries, and will pick them up at your next delivery day, which is nice.  They also include a little cheat sheet of how to store your produce and an approximate time of how long they should last.  A new addition since we last received an order, is a receipe card using foods you received in your specific produce box for the week.  How fun!  Ours was for Blueberry Orzo Pasta.  Yummmm!  DTDO is currently in Colorado, Kansas City, Chicago, and Michigan.  Depending on what area you’re in, they offer baked goods, coffee, dairy alternatives, grains, sweets, and so on.  So much to choose from to add onto your produce box order!  A great way to support local business while also saving yourself a little time on grocery shopping! 🙂