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Love & Marriage…Love & Marriage…

8 Jun

With our wedding day quickly approaching (50 days!), all the little details seem to be overflowing my brain.  Chairs, decorations, transportation, hotels…there’s a lot of stuff to do for a wedding! 

When I find myself thinking too much about what flowers to use, how in the world we’ll blow up our balloons when there’s a helium shortage (for reals, there’s such a thing going on, people!!), or how many cute little raffia fans to buy for the hot weather, I take a few moments and pause.  I start to think about how many people keep telling us how excited they are for our big day.  The people who are making the effort to go a VERY long way up to our wedding location, take time off of work, and really really want to be a part of our wedding.  I get teary-eyed even thinking of how much love will be flowing in the days leading up to, and at the day of our wedding.  My bridal shower last weekend was evidence of the beautiful emotions people shared with one another, and with my wonderful fiance.  Tears will flow during our wedding weekend as they did at the shower, and they will be tears of pure joy and complete happiness.  Happiness for finding the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.  Happiness for sharing our wedding with the people we love.  Happiness for our loved ones showing how much THEY love us together.  Happiness for all the fun we will have celebrating our marriage.  We are SO looking forward to our families and friends all joining together to form a great big super family!   

I also take a step back from the planning, and think about the wonderful man I am going to marry.  He makes me smile, makes me laugh (while teasing me about my silly sounding giggle),  dances with me, cooks with me, takes care of me,  holds me when I need to be held.  When babysitting recently, I was with the baby upstairs in his room.  The door was closed, and I thought we were just two kids hangin’ out playing with our Playskool Barn.  Me telling him what a great job he was doing stacking his blocks, and then eventually humming and singing to put him in the sleepy time zone.  I came downstairs an hour after heading up, to find my fiance in the living room.  He gave me a hug and said, “I could hear you on the monitor the whole time you were up there…you’re going to make a great mom some day.”  **insert warm fuzzy feelings** That man of mine is a real keeper.

This is some of what love and marriage is made of


What makes a wedding?

8 Nov

Since starting to plan our wedding a few months ago, I’ve experienced lots of feelings, ideas and emotions on the subject.  Thinking about weddings, talking to people about weddings, and researching weddings brings many interesting things to light. 

When you think about weddings, do you think of…

  • A big white dress
  • a church
  • a banquet hall
  • a fancy reception
  • a huge cake

Or maybe you think of…

  • who will share your day with you
  • what you will say in your vows
  • the music you will play
  • the food you will serve

Do you…

  • elope
  • have a big wedding with everyone you know and all your relatives
  • have a small intimate wedding with close family and friends

Will your wedding be about…

  • the ceremony
  • the party
  • combination of the two with equal importance

Weddings can have themes, color schemes, cultural influences, religious influences, and family influences.  Do you do something that is expected of you by your family and tradition?  Maybe you do something that is popular and of the moment for weddings in your town.  Do you play it safe and have a simple and classic wedding to remember for years to come? 

What makes a wedding?

I’m curious if anyone who reads this would want to talk about their own weddings…

Not necessarily what I should do, but what you did.   How you felt leading up to your wedding day…on your wedding day…the day after your wedding.  Or how you feel looking back at your wedding.

Things to think about 🙂

Mr. and Mrs.

6 Oct

Today was the first time someone said, “soon to be Mrs” to me, and it really hit home.  When I get MARRIED next year, I will no longer be Ms. or Miss…I’ll be Mrs.  I’ll be somebody’s Mrs.  I will have a husband.  I will be a wife.  Of course I knew this already, but it’s just a funny thing.  It’s a big transition to go from spending 31 years of your life as a single woman, known as Miss or Ms., to a Mrs.  Is it weird that I am even thinking about this??  Does being a Mrs. make me sound old?  Why aren’t there different versions of single and married for Mr??   I’m super excited to be my sweetie’s wife.  It’s just funny.  I’m gonna be a Mrs.! Woohooooo!

As for other things…

I think I’m going to share my thoughts and feelings about planning a wedding and the whole wedding process on this blog, along with all the recipes, cooking, working out, and all that other jazz.  I’m not planning on taking over the blog with wedding craziness and obsessing over stuff, just sharing things here and there. 

Planning a wedding changes your life.  From the day you get engaged, all the way up to the day of your wedding.  You need to think about the dress, the location,  bridesmaids/groomsmen, music, food, photographer, cake, flowers, tents, decorations, guests, family, time of year, other scheduling conflicts/commitments, personal values, family values, vows, honeymoon, budgets…the list goes on and on.  You can let it consume your daily life by searching the unending supply of wedding blogs, Pinterest, wedding magazines, books and so on.  Yowsa.  There’s a ton out there to look at.  Along with thinking of all these things together as a couple, other peoples’ opinions get thrown into the mix.  A LOT. 

 A couple needs to have a clear vision of what they want for their wedding, but still be open to opinions and suggestions from family and friends.  This clear vision is necessary to keep your own sanity and happiness throughout it all.  The whole thing, this whoooooole big commotion,  is to celebrate love and sharing our lives together with everyone we love and care about.  That’s a fact, Jack.  We want our wedding to be fun, casual, light-hearted…full of laughter, good food, good music, lots of dancing… and love.  That’s what matters to us.  Plain and simple.  Cute stuff to add on is just a bonus for us. 🙂 

Do you notice a theme here? 


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Somebody’s getting married…

26 Aug

Michael proposed to me on August 11th, and of course I said YES!!!!!  It was a complete surprise when it happened, and it didn’t even seem real!  Kind of like when you hear stories and they can’t really believe it, but you never really believe it when you hear them say that.  I definitely was in a state of shock, wondering if it was actually happening.  I was SO happy.  He proposed with the most beautiful ring that is so perfect for me.  It’s hammered, it’s beautiful, it’s organic, its modern.  Oh, it’s just gorgeous! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE this man that’s going to be my husband. How can you not love that sweet face??? He really is the best. 🙂